USCGC Southwind WAGB 280
The Polar Prowler
USCGC Southwind
World War II Photos
The photos on this page are the property of Marco Volante. Marco was a First Class Motor
Machinist Mate aboard the Southwind from the time of the original commissioning in 1944
until the end of World War II. Marco was aboard at the time of the German trawler
Externsteine was captured by the Southwind and Eastwind. Permission was received from
Marco to post these photos on our web site.
Marco's Journal Page 1
Marco's Journal Page 2
German Prisoners
Marco Volante
Marco Volante
Catalina Island
CG In Hunt For A Nazi Weather Station
CG Knocks Out Nazi Weather Station
Southwind Commissioning In 1944
Harold Steindler